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Professional Tax registration procedure


Professional Tax Registration Procedure

Professional tax is the expense charged by the state governments in India. Anybody gaining a pay from pay or anybody honing a calling, for example, sanctioned bookkeeper, legal counselor, specialist and so on are required to pay this Professional tax Services Online. Distinctive states have diverse rates and routines for accumulation. In India, Professional tax is forced at the state level. In any case, not all states force this tax. The states which force proficient duty are Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Meghalaya, Odisha, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, and Sikkim. Entrepreneurs, working people, dealers and individuals doing different occupations goes under the domain of this tax.Professional taxis collected by specific Municipal Corporations and greater part of the Indian states force this obligation. It is a wellspring of income for the administration. The most extreme sum payable every year is INR 2,500 and in accordance with citizen’s pay, there are foreordained pieces. It is likewise payable by individuals from staff utilized in privately owned businesses. It is derived by the business consistently and sent to the Municipal Corporation. It is a required to pay Professional tax. The citizen is qualified for money charge reasoning for this installment.
After registering the details of mobile number, e-mail id etc., the applicant shall get his/her unique user name and password through his mobile and e-mail in a secured manner,  Through Citizen portal, the applicant will create the self assessment application and submit the application for profession tax.

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Steps for filling professional tax:

At present, e-enrollment is required for calling charge enlistment for PTRC and expert assessment enrolment testament. As needs be, top off Form I and Form II for fitting e-application enrollment and income from capital gain.

  • Contingent upon the constitution of calling, exchange, calling or business, the application (printout) must be agreed upon. For instance, the proprietor ought to sign the application for an exclusive concern.
  • The candidate alongside Form I or II and significant archives needs to meet the enrollment power as indicated by the acknowledgement date and time produced on online accommodation of use.
  • As your enlistment is for PTRC, you have to submit Form I, changeless record number (Pan), charge finding and accumulation account number (Tan), if any, and a clear wiped out check leaf indicating ledger alongside the subtle elements of financial balance number bank and branch name.
  • As your enrollment is for PTRC, you have to submit Form I, lasting record number (Pan), charge reasoning and gathering account number (Tan), if any, and a clear wiped out check leaf indicating financial balance alongside the subtle elements of ledger number bank and branch name.
  • Different documents incorporate verification of responsibility for of calling, exchange, calling, occupation and business. For inhabitant, the evidence of tenure would be duplicate of the occupancy, sub-tenure agreement or leave and permit understanding or assent letter or lease receipt, bolstered by archive indicating responsibility for or individual giving assent.
  • Different documents required incorporate verification of habitation of signatory. No less than two documents — international ID, driving permit, race picture ID card or aadhar card, apportion card, or paid power bill — must be submitted. Organization deed, notice of affiliation and article of relationship, as pertinent, must be attached.
  • Duplicates of reports must act naturally bore witness to. The firsts ought to be submitted for check. The registration authority will produce citizen tax payer identification number (Tin) if application is discovered right and finish after confirmation. In the event that the application is an imperfect, deformity reminder will be issued in the wake of giving the candidate a chance of being listened. On the off chance that the business does not correct the imperfections, then the application will be dealt with as invalid and won’t be prepared.



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