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Unified Portal: Employee Provident Fund Services with the Unified Portal


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EPF Services with the Unified Portal

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a crucial social security scheme for employees in India, providing financial stability and security for their future. To enhance the ease of doing business and provide more convenience to both employers and employees, the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) has introduced the Unified Portal. This portal centralizes all EPF-related services, including PF registration, PF return filing, PF contribution payment, and various employee services under a single platform. In this article, we will explore the procedure for employee enrollment on the Unified Portal and discuss the significance of the Universal Account Number (UAN).

Universal Account Number (UAN)

The UAN, or Universal Account Number, is a pivotal element in the simplification of EPF-related services. It offers employees a unique identification that remains consistent across various employers. In the past, each establishment providing PF registration issued a distinct ID to employees, often leading to multiple PF accounts for a single individual. With the introduction of the UAN, this redundancy is eliminated, and employees can now have a single identification under the provident fund, regardless of their place of employment.

Obtaining the UAN

The process of obtaining a UAN is relatively straightforward. EPF members who have received at least one contribution in or after January 2014 have been automatically provided with a UAN by the EPFO. Members without a UAN and no contributions post-January 2014 can request the EPFO to allocate one for them. Even citizens who are not EPF members have the option to request a UAN, adding an extra layer of accessibility to this essential system.

Activating UAN and KYC Details

To activate the UAN and access the online services offered on the Unified Portal, new employees need to initiate the process after their first contribution. They can do so by visiting the member services page on the portal. During activation, it is essential to provide the required KYC (Know Your Customer) details, including Aadhaar, Bank Account, PAN, and a list of previous EPF account numbers. These details help verify the identity of the employee and link them to their UAN.

For existing employees with a UAN who join a new establishment, they must provide their UAN to their new employer and submit their KYC documents. The EPF account is then automatically transferred, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for repeated paperwork.

Benefits of Joining the Unified Portal

The advantages of joining the Unified Portal and linking the UAN with Aadhaar are manifold:

  1. PF Balance Check: Employees registered on the Unified Portal can quickly check their PF balance at any time, ensuring transparency and financial awareness.
  2. EPF Account Activity: Members with UANs receive real-time updates about credits and debits to their EPF account via SMS. Additionally, they can track their EPF account balance using the EPF mobile app or by simply giving a missed call to 9718397183.
  3. Submit Claims Online: Employees with Aadhaar-enabled UANs can submit their claims directly to the EPFO online, eliminating the need to visit their employers for claims attestation. This not only saves time but also streamlines the claims process.
  4. Download UAN Card: UAN members can conveniently download their UAN card and print the most recent passbook directly from the Unified Portal, offering quick access to essential documents.
  5. Update KYC Details: The portal allows employees to update their KYC details and mobile numbers at any time. Furthermore, all employer IDs can be listed under the UAN on the Unified Portal, consolidating multiple accounts for ease of management.


In conclusion, the Unified Portal for the Employee Provident Fund has revolutionized the way employees and employers interact with the EPF system. The UAN plays a pivotal role in simplifying and centralizing the process, providing numerous benefits to those who utilize it. The move towards a more digital and efficient system is a positive step in ensuring the financial security and stability of India’s workforce.


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