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Who says All Leaders are Born, Some are made Along the Way!


One of the most misunderstood notions in the corporate world is that a person is a born leader. This leads to yet another commonly followed myth by the management folks categorizing their team members either into “Leadership Material” or “Not Leadership Material”. The Kanakkupillai team is here to bust this myth! But before we do that – let us first understand what we mean by Leadership Skills or what traits do leaders clearly exhibit-

1) Humility :

“Leadership is a Series of behaviors rather then a role for Heroes.”

True Leaders are humble individuals because they put the needs of others ahead of their own. They are self-aware that they are no better than the person next to them or across from them. Sometimes known as modesty, humble Leaders make everyone feel special.

2) Empathy :

They know how to get things done through people. Empathy being the ability to mentally identify with the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of others, true leaders exhibit empathy by getting to know and understand the people they work with.

3) Vision:

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus” – Martin Luther King, Jr

Leaders are able to see things others don’t see or before others see them. People with vision can sometimes see the endgame before it even begins. The art of getting others to see the vision to gain their buy-in is something that leaders must work at constantly because it is not just about the end- game. It is about maintaining harmony within the teams while guiding & directing the course for where they need to go.

4) Risk-taking:


They are comfortable with being out there in the front and charting new territory for everyone to follow. The leaders are prepared to accept the good as well the bad outcomes that may occur; while keeping their team’s morale up & about.
If we were to chart people’s Leadership capability like a bell curve, it would be very interesting to observe that born leaders occupy only the top part of the curve – they are very good at leading people and with experience they tend to become even more adept at it.


However, the vast majority of people lie in the big middle of the curve. That’s from where Leaders Get Made! And that’s where we can get our motivation to develop our skills as a leader. Most people who start out with a little of innate leadership capability can actually become very good, even great leaders.

Would you like to start that journey NOW? Great, Let’s Get Going then-

1st Step Become Truly Self-Aware!


This is your biggest secret weapon in evolving yourself as a great leader. We definitely don’t mean self-involved! Becoming truly self-aware means to observe everyday an accurate sense of how does the world view you and what motivates you.  For e.g. assessing frequently your actual strengths and weaknesses as a leader and as a person.  What kind of influence do you have on others?

2nd Step Step out & observe!


It is very easy for any individual to deal with another person or situation from their own viewpoint or perspective. More often than not, observe this dynamics by stepping out of the “I” zone & viewing it as a third person. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Just a little bit of conscious practicing & brain re-wiring; you should be on your way to laughing it off; as you watch the drama in your life unfold in front of your eyes.

3rd Step


Be open & invite feedback! It is an art to be able to handle “genuine” feedback from others. And true leaders; in their humility learn the knack of receiving feedback with a smile on their face, a wit in their conversation and zeal in their temperament. Life is all about growing up & evolving for them and they use every opportunity possible to help them in their journey of becoming Great Leaders.
It would do companies a great deal of good if a larger number of people changed their perception towards The Art of Leading. After all, “Leadership is not a skill. It is a process that must be worked at daily for a person to become a better leader.”

So let not anyone inhibit your journey of becoming a successful Leader! Charter your Journey NOW!

Keep Leading & Keep Trending!



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