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How to Check Online Society Registration Status?


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In the digital age, the openness and ease of law processes have become crucial. Society registration is no exception. With the rise of online services, checking the registration status of a society has become a matter of a few clicks. In this article, we aim to guide you through checking an online society registration, ensuring that you can safely deal with listed companies.

What is Society Registration?

A society is an organisation made up of people who have come to an understanding that requires them to work together to decide, rule, and pursue a shared objective. In India, societies are registered in accordance with the Societies Registration Act of 1860, which governs the registration of literary, scientific, and philanthropic groups. An organisation’s capacity to do business, open bank accounts, sign legally binding contracts, and maintain responsibility is facilitated by society registration, which confers legal status.

The Process of Online Society Registration

 Society may be created with a minimum of 7 or more members. Besides that, even foreigners and Companies may file for the Memorandum of Society. Authorities of the State Government oversee the Registration procedure of a Society. To execute the online process, one has to visit the official webpage of MCA:

  • Select a distinctive Name:

The applicant must perform an exhaustive study to establish a distinctive name for the proposed society. One has to verify that the name is not similar or identical to another incorporated Society/Corporate Organisation. If you pick a Society’s existing name, then the party must offer written agreement to the Registrar.

  • Draft the Memorandum of Association:

Now, each member of the forming society must sign the Memorandum containing the Rules and Regulations of the Society. It should be attested by a notary public, chartered accountant, oath commissioner, first-class magistrate, or advocate with their official stamp and full address.

The Memorandum must include the provisions provided below:

  1. Name Clause
  2. Objectives Clause
  3. Registered Office Clause
  4. Details such as names, professions, and addresses of the Executive Body/Governing Body

Rules & Regulations of the proposed Society should be certified by the President, Vice President, and Chairman of the Society. It must describe the aspects indicated below:

  1. Constitution of the Society
  2. Terms of Member’s Termination
  3. Details of the Office Bearer
  4. Audit Compliance
  5. Provision of the Meetings
  6. Provisions of Legal Disputes
  7. Income Source of the Society
  8. Membership & Subscription
  9. Election Norms
  10. Society’s Dissolution
  • Prepare additional relevant documents:

Documentation plays a critical role in the online Society Registration criterion. Hence, attach the papers of Cover Letter, Minutes of the Meeting, Declaration, and ID Proof, as stipulated by the Society Registration Act, 1860.

  • File paperwork with the relevant Registrar:

Once you have prepared all the documents, send them to the appropriate Registrar of your State with the fee. If the Registrar considers that the submitted information is legitimate, then he will proclaim your Society as registered. You may check the Society Registration status on the official website of Municipal of Corporate Affairs. Generally, it takes roughly one month to register for the Society.

Checking Online Society Registration Status

 The steps you should follow to verify the online status of a society registration are as follows:

1. Identifying the Official Website:

One should visit the official website of the appropriate authority responsible for managing society registration in your state. A ministry, department, or commission may manage nonprofit organisations’ activities. Most government offices now offer online platforms where you may monitor the status of different registrations.

2. Search For “Status Check”:

Once you find the official website, check for a section connected to society or nonprofit organisation registrations. There can be an option with the name of “Status Check” or “Search”. This may be under a particular tab or menu on the website.

3. Enter Required Details:

Once you find the Status Check Section, you may need to input specific data to receive the status. These data relating to the registration include the registration number, the name of the society, and other essential information.

4. Check Status:

Once you fill in the needed information properly, submit the form or request. Then, the website should reflect the current status of the society registration, whether it’s accepted, pending, or refused.

Additional Steps:

  • Contact Support: If in case, you can’t locate an online status check option on the platform, seek contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses. You may call the agency’s support service and question about the status of the registration.
  • Visit the Office: If online solutions are not available or the government body does not offer an online status check service, or if you prefer an in-person approach, you may visit the office of the appropriate agency and ask about the status of the society registration.

Reason for Society Registration

Verifying the registration of a society online is vital for various reasons. It aids in verifying the validity of the society, assuring that it is recognized by the government and is working within the legal framework. It also contributes to combating fraud and misrepresentation since unregistered societies may not be legally compelled to obey the laws and regulations set out by the government.

  • Supporting the arts
  • Disseminating political education
  • Donating to charitable trusts
  • Promoting literature and science
  • Establishing funds for military orphans
  • Building public museums
  • Construction of public galleries
  • Establishing libraries
  • Promoting useful knowledge
  • Natural History Museum collections
  • Assemblies of mechanical and philosophical designs, creations, or tools.

Documents Required for Online Society Registration

  • PAN cards for every single member of society
  • Account statements
  • Electricity bills, driver’s licence, and Aadhar cards
  • Passports
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Guidelines for joining the society
  • Address proof
  • Participant information

Importance of Society Registration

The society registration is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Legal Recognition: The registration gives official proof that the society or non-profit organisation is a recognized legal entity with rights and duties.
  • Access to finances and Resources: Many government organisations, as well as private foundations and corporate entities, want a registration certificate to give financial grants, finances, or other resources.
  • Limited Liability: When one registers as a society, they often acquire limited liability status.
  • Credibility and confidence: Possessing a current registration increases the organisation’s credibility and fosters confidence from partners, supporters, and the general public.
  • Advantages & Tax Exemptions: Registration is essential to verify compliance with relevant tax legislation and to enjoy certain tax advantages.

Features of Society Registration

To register a society under the Registration Act of 1975, any society needs to have a minimum of seven members. Furthermore:

  • The society must have at least 20 members or a gross income/expenditure of Rs. 10,000 per year to register.
  • For apartment maintenance organisations under the Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership Act, 5 or more than 5 members are necessary.
  • The executive committee of the society contains 3 members.
  • Registration must be completed within 3 months after incorporation with the District Registrar. Society registration is a thorough procedure that assures legal compliance and allows the smooth operation of numerous activities and initiatives.

Important Information Regarding the Beginning Stages of Society

  • State and National levels: To create a society, seven people must act as the Governing Body or Desirous person; however, at the national level, these individuals must represent seven different states.
  • Profits Will Not Be Distributed: Even though society is allowed to participate in activities that end in a profit, the profits cannot be given to the members of a non-profit group.
  • Blood and DNA are not Related: No one connected by blood can be an original member or part of the organisation’s ruling board. It is necessary that the head of the group swear under oath that there is not a single member of the ruling body who is connected to them by blood.
  • The Constitution and Society’s Rules: The Constitution of the society will describe the goals for which it was formed, whereas the rules will provide guidance for how the group should carry out its daily operations.


In conclusion, this blog has elucidated the process of checking online society registration status, emphasising the significance of legal compliance and expert guidance. Understanding the steps involved in society registration and the benefits of online processes is crucial for a smooth experience. It is recommended that readers seek professional assistance to navigate the complexities of society registration effectively. Professional guidance can ensure accuracy and compliance with legal requirements and expedite the registration process. By engaging experts in the field, individuals can streamline their registration journey and avoid potential pitfalls, ultimately securing a successful outcome for their society registration endeavours.

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