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Publication of Trademark Journal



Trademark journal publication is an important step in the registration of a trademark. If there is no objection made in a trademark application by the Trademark Examiner in the examination report or if there was an objection, and it was overcome, then the mark is published in the trademark journal.

When is Trademark is Published in Journal?

If a trademark in India has been accepted by the Trademark Of䏈ﮐce, absolutely or subject to conditions or limitations or it is even ordered to be advertised before acceptance, the trademark application is advertised in the trademark journal. Advertisement of a trademark in the trademark journal does not mean the mark is registered.

Details for Trademark application advertisement in the trademark journal:
  • Details of the trademark
  • Date of application
  • Priority claim (if any)
  • Details of the applicant with his address
  • Applicant’s address for service including his agent’s detail
  • Class & specification of goods or service
  • Statement as to use of the trademark
  • Appropriate office
Trademark journals contain the following information:
  • Public Notices and notifications, if any, issued by the office.
  • Trade Mark applications which are accepted or ordered to be advertised before acceptance.
  • Re -advertisements of applications, if ordered by any competent officer.
  • Corrigenda or further notification in respect of earlier published application.
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