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Why your Company Need ISO 9001 Certification – Top 10 Reasons



What is ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO 9001 is an international recognized standard certification that defines the quality management system (QMS) and the quality of the services of the company.

Why does our company need to be ISO 9001 certified?

Companies use this standard certificate to demonstrate the ability to systematically provide products and services that meet the regulatory requirements and to satisfy the customers. This quality management system (QMS) provides numerous benefits for any organization that is willing to go that itinerary. 
Getting ISO 9001 Certification means that the company should pass a physical ISO 9001:2015 certification audit done by a certifying agency or a registrar of that place.

So, why should your company get ISO 9001 certification? 

At present, over one million companies have ISO 9001 certificates all over the world. Interest in getting ISO 9001 certification for their company has increased among the business people for good reason – all believed that this quality management standard can make a substantial change in their business growth. 

Here are the top ten reasons

1. Integration to improvement

ISO 9001 is a standard certificate that deals with all key processes all around the company – not just the quality of the products and services. With a broad view, ISO 9001 also supports the company to improve the production and service provision with lower cost and less rework.
The ISO 9001 standard is completely about quality processes from integration to improvement.
ISO 9001 standard links all the interrelated processes but won’t reveal all the details about the interconnected processes and how the concerned or managed individually work on the process. Nevertheless, ISO 9001 paves the path to think holistically and systemically about the processes and it also gives the guidelines how they interlinked to one another that leads to more effective integrated processes.

2. Better Decision-Making

Making good decisions is the key for any business growth and success. ISO 9001 quality management provides both information and processes to the management on which ones need tweaking or improvement. This kind of standard framework will help to improve the decision-making process which in turn results in better quality product and service.

3. Credibility and Recognition

As ISO 9001 certification is issued by the International Organization for Quality and Standard, it is accepted all over the world. Hence, holding ISO 9001 certification for your products or services increases the esteem of your company. It not only increases the value of your business against your competitors but also increases your status among your clients.

4. Increased Revenues

By getting ISO 9001 certificate your company’s quality has been testified. Therefore, you can use this in marketing and advertising your product or service and price your products or services consequently. Having the same quality or by improving the quality of the products you can have more customers and in turn more profits.

5. Improved Consistency

ISO 9001 standard certificate helps you in understanding the business and makes you to increase control of your business processes. When the control on the business increases simultaneously the consistency increases. Increased consistency leads to better change in your business which means customers are getting the same quality of service or the same quality products every time.

6. Increased Customer Satisfaction

With ISO 9001 certificate, customers believe that all your products and services will always holds the same quality which is a very important key to improve your business and you will get that. The customers have a better understanding about your products and what to expect. And that result in more satisfied customers and less complaint from the users or customers.

7. Empowered Employees

ISO 9001 certification involves the training and development of the managed team of the company. Also, it gives needed information and the necessary tools to the staff team to do their work in a better way such as instructions, procedures, and metrics and so on. Therefore, your workers or staff will be more knowledgeable on what they are working on and also by getting trained; their careers will also be uplifted.

8. Meets Requirements for Government Contracts

By getting ISO 9001 certificate, you can set your company standard up for success in public sector work. And to take up some municipalities and government agencies work you need ISO 9001 certification as an essential requirement. Not only government agencies but also there are companies which tend to make ISO 9001 a requirement, particularly companies which already hold ISO 9001 accreditation ask for the same from their providers or suppliers.

9. Reduced Costs

By increasing your quality management system with ISO 9001, you can avoid many like rework, repairs, rejected products, warranty claims, recalls, outdated inventory, rework and so on. ISO 9001 not only check the quality but also improves operational processes, production control and service provision which results in less error-free products and services.

10. Smoother Ordering and Customer Interaction

With ISO 9001 certification, the companies will surely improve their quality and operation process which makes the communication with the customer smoother and avoid misunderstandings about the product or service or company.


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